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Grabolaser Diseño Corte y Grabado Laser

“If we focus on technology and forget technique, we get products without a soul”.

 – Gorka López Eguzkiza

Each order is unique and this forces us to train practically every day to offer innovative and surprising solutions. Call us and tell us your idea with no obligation..

We can:
  1. We take care of everything: the idea, the design and the execution.
  2. Listen to your idea and study the best way to make it a reality.
  3. Produce your own design.
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Creative, unique and customised products

We are experts in laser cutting and engraving on wood, metal and methacrylate.

This is our secret to offering objects with their own personality that have an impact on people.

We share a taste for effort, enthusiasm and creativity, we are passionate about our work, and we are firmly committed to always providing the right response to our customers’ needs.

Each person is unique and so is their project.


At GRABOLÁSER we don’t believe in assembly line production. How do we work?

Grabolaser Diseño Corte y Grabado Laser

How to send us a file?

We have machines with an engraving and cutting surface of 150×200 cm.

The correct preparation of files for laser cutting and engraving is essential. A number of guidelines need to be followed to ensure that the job is done properly:
The file should preferably be vectorial (ai, pdf, dwg, dxf…), although the engraving can be an image (jpg, TIFF, PNG…).
The cut must be vectorial (ai, pdf, dwg, dxf…).
The engraving must be of black, or greyscale if depths are to be varied.

The cut should be indicated as a thin red line. (R100 in RGB or 100M100Y in CMYK).

The overlapping lines must be removed(a cross cannot be made with two rectangles, for example).

If you have different objects, you can join them together and share cutting lines to save time and improve finishing.
The engraving area must be enclosed, but be careful AutoCAD!
All texts must be layouts. Otherwise, send the typography.

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